Thapr Kidro Wja -Pta Nai Lga -[FunnyVideo4u.Com] (973.82Kb)
Dance On Punjabi Song By African Boy -[FunnyVideo4u.Com] (4.47Mb)
Poor Spiderman Da India Ch Hal -[JattVideo.Com] (454.19Kb)
Dance Dai Josh Ch Sevraz Ch Dig Chla C -[JattVideo.Com] (686.95Kb)
Khatron K Khiladi In India -[JattVideo.Com] (708.96Kb)

Cycle Funny Accident With Girlfriend -[JattVideo.Com] (494.83Kb)
Bhabi Tuhadi End Aa( FUNNY VERSION) -[JattVideo.Com] (391.3Kb)
Dunia Di Expert Female Driver Da Funny Accident[JattVideo.Com] (756.06Kb)
Endless Dance By Desi Munda(FUNNY) -[JattVideo.Com] (1.51Mb)
Nayanaya Di Fight In Punjabi Style -[JattVideo.Com] (955.83Kb)
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